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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very abused service in the web industry!

However, it's also a great way to get quality traffic flowing to your site regularly over the long term - it is not a short term way to get a miracle amount of traffic into your site - that would be Search Engine Marketing or Adwords

Why You Should Choose Australian SEO Service Provider

You may have had small backyard companies from all over India cold calling you every 3 days offering you a position in a search engine which they have no right to guarantee you or ability to get you there. They try to sell you using hope or fear, hope that you could be on the front page of Google for your industry, that you could be the star and as a result receive a massive net of sales leads and new clients! Or fear that your current web designer or SEO agency has not done a good enough job on your website or search engine campaign in order for you to get the results you are looking for!

Unfortunately most of the time they misinform people grossly and many people end up being billed for a service that is ineffective or non-existant.

The Dangers of SEO

cheap websitesFirstly, there are two sides to SEO, the dark side and the light side.

The Dark side is called Black Hat SEO, this is SEO designed to trick Google into ranking you high and fast. Black Hat SEO will also get you banned inside of 6 - 12 months - never to return to the search engine let alone the front page ever again!

The SEO Cowboys who use such tactics will make their money in the first 3-6 months and not really have any duty of care for your business as you throw them off as a result of your loss of search engine rankings.

The Light Side of SEO

The light side is called White Hat SEO, this is what we do. We follow the search engines rules carefully, we ensure that your site is not offensive to the search engines at all and we stay up to date with what the rules are in order to give you the results you need.

Be very careful of those who promise front page rankings on a search engine, unless they own the search engine they have no right to make such promises!

SEO Transparency

At Sites By Design we do things differently, our customers have control and transparency in their SEO decisions. Our SEO Management structure gives you a personalised account manager, reporting on your keyword ranking and control on which keywords you want to target for the month. We work with you diligently ensuring you understand your options and sort your direction on the next step. With us you will never be in the dark, we will give you the data and analytics you need to know where you stand with the search engines at all times and guide you through the process.

Geographical Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Consultant SydneyGeographical search engine optimisation is all about trying to rank in Google for the searches local people are doing for your product or service.

For example, [Web Design Sydney] is a search that would be performed to check out which web site designers are located in Sydney. The internet user performing this search would most likely be looking for a new web designer in their city. In order to get this ranking we would use multple methods all together. 

We ensure that the search phrase is used in the text on your website page, that you have business directory listings outside your website pointing to you and that you had quality local and industry based websites pointing links to your different pages as well.

Industry Wide Search Engine Optimisation

Industry Wide SEO is all about working out your industry, products and services. Once you have a big list we research the keywords that are valid for each and list those. As a result we have a massive list of search phrases to use in content on your website, content which should be posted regularly for the sake of your website authority growth. Every time we release the new content we ensure that there are high quality backlinks from blogs and other websites in your niche sending good authority back to your new article.

Content Intensity

SEO Consultant SydneyContent Intensity is the quantity of content which you add to your website combined with the regularity of addition. In other words, Adding lots of quality content as much as possible!

At Sites By Design, the intensities are gauged by the budget you wish to invest in your future Search Engine Authority and Ranking Position.

  • Monthly (12 Per Year)
    We publish 1 single article per month & send relevant high authority backlinks.
  • Fortnightly (24 Per Year)
    We publish 1 single article per fortnight & send relevant high authority backlinks.
  • Weekly (52 Per Year)
    We publish 1 single article per week & send relevant high authority backlinks.

SEO Backlinking

Back Linking can be done in a million different ways, everyone claims to have the best back linking strategy but no one wants to let you know what it is! Most of the time back linking is outsourced to the poorer countries where virtual assistants are tirelessly creating manual entries on websites all around the world in order to get their clients the backlinks promised. The main thing in backlinking is that there are no automated tools being used in the process, Search Engines can see the digital signatures of this type of work and will penalise you as soon as they detect it. At Sites By Design we source our back links from various places, we ensure quality and results for our clients by trying new things on our own small purpose built websites first.

Search Engine Optimisation should be one of the many parts of your online marketing strategy, when one method isn’t doing well the others will make up for the lack and ensure that you always have a steady constant flow of website traffic and therefore leads!

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