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Content Creation

Words are not wasted

In today's fast paced attention deficit society one would think that the writing on a website is rarely read through by anyone.

In fact the opposite is still true, when when a person in business or on behalf of their family is researching a purchase they do in fact study the details in order to ensure they make the right purchase and don't end up feeling their money was wasted.

Become an authority in your field

Having strong written content on your website, blog or social media is key to keeping the interest of the reader, creating trust and moving them closer to making that purchasing decision with your business.

Rank higher for your search terms

There is also quite a lot of importance placed on your content by the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Each page on your website is indexed by what the search engine reads on that page, the key phrases and even the quality of the Grammar. The activity of your website visitor is gauged by the search engines as well, did they stay for 10 seconds and then hit the back button? Did they click through the site and read more? These questions and many more factors allow the site to be ranked on its human qualities and therefore positioned in the search engines priority and ranking system.

Sweet talk Google

So at a surface level or in simple terms, high quality content and lots of it will get a thumbs up from Google for ranking each page appropriately and then a thumbs up from the client looking to find your product or service.

So ensure that your content is relevant to the read, ensure it is free of spelling and grammar errors and ensure it is worth reading! The test is simple - would you want to read the content to the website visitor yourself as valid information which would aid them in their purchasing decision?

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