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Step 2 - Strategic Planning

A truly great website requires planning. It needs strategic thinking, by wise people, with team synergy, using proven methods and pursuing clear goals! 

Your website visitors are going to arrive on your real estate because you DID something right. If they stay long enough to be interested, it will be because you DID something right. If they convert the way you want, as a registration, read, sale or whatever, it will be because you DID something right. Strategic planning is about selecting and organising the ‘DIDS’ that make the difference.

Strategic Thinking and Conversion Planning

There is a certain mystique about website creation and growth. Partly this is due to unnecessary, and even sometimes dishonest, industry antics. Mostly however, it is a genuine reflection of the huge number of variables involved. Like many aspects of web, the strategic planning stage is both art and science.

Our planning services cover many aspects of site design and operation. We aim to foresee problems before they happen as well as strategise for future opportunities; even the ones you might be ready for yet. We consider aspects which are typically not considered, and our checklists and factoring are exhaustive. 

Everything about your website should have a purpose: menus, articles, downloads, images, feature selection, colour choice, font selection, layout and more. We plan search engine optimisation as well; keywords, strategies and descriptors are determined.

For you to give value, lead the visitor where you want them, and then convert them into a fan, registration, lead or sale will not happen by accident.  

Wise People and Team Synergy

Our team members are fully briefed before we come together, based on the reports produced by the Quality Research you commissioned. After doing their own investigations and developing their own ideas, we come together in a coordinated and systematic meeting (or more) to create a synergy driven solution. Where options and disputable variables are identified, follow-up tasks are assigned and further meetings take place. 

Our team each have specialty areas in which they contribute, but all have a say in any aspect based on our cumulative experience. This is not a cookie-cutter creation. This is a tailored response to your tailored goals and circumstances. 

Proven Methods In Pursuit of Clearly Defined Goals

Experience has shown that even creativity operates best within defined parameters. A web designer thrives when given a clear brief and they lean on proven methods. As in life, true freedom operates best when the ‘that’s not OK’ is known. Too many website design are born out of self-indulgent fervour, rather than purpose driven skill. 

Our people don’t experiment with your business, and our planning methods and results testify to this.

If you've enjoyed success in almost any domain, you’ll know that planning is profoundly important. Strategic planning will empower you with a ‘website success blueprint’. We’d be happy to help you explore your options. Call us on 1300 959 312 to learn what we can achieve together.


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