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Step 1 - Quality Research

Quality rarely happens by accident. In a war, the 'Quality Research' stage would be called intelligence gathering. Continuing this warfare analogy, this is where special forces troops like the S.A.S. are often employed. These extraordinary people not only fight well, but are also exceptionally clever and specifically trained to know the information they need to gather, and how to secure it. Our goal is to either help you do what you can at a basic level, or deploy our specialist skills and experience to the mission of maximising your website design outcomes.

Effective Web Design Stands on Quality Research

The legacy of ANZAC was founded on bravery and character in the face of a criminally negligent intelligence failure. Planners did not correctly account for the tides, so the troops landed on the wrong beach. The rest is history.

Intelligence gathering must come first!

This gathering of critical and bonus information can be the difference between achieving true and lasting website success, or languishing in the mires of the internet slums. Web potential unreached is a tragedy for businesses and the people whose lives and families depend on their success. In battle, the results are measured in blood. In business, it's dollars - both known and unknown. Many soldiers have knowingly sacrificed their lives to get information back to headquarters. They understood its importance! In business, our investment does not call for blood, but the value of research should not be underestimated. 

But what needs to be researched? We suggest a deliberate focus be given to:

  1. Project parameters, expectations and goals
  2. Your business profile, products, services and deliverables
  3. The industry and your competition
  4. Client / customer profiles
  5. Branding and marketing approaches
  6. Your design and feature preferences
  7. Keyword research and relevant website metrics

We expand on each of these areas in our no-email required PDF gift: "Step 1 of Web Design: Quality Research" (coming soon).

Put Your Horse Before the Cart

Research effectively and your planning will flow effectively. Research casually and the information you lack may prove to be your greatest frustration. Constantly having to revisit topics and drill down on details is a nightmare scenario. Great research empowers great website development.

It pays to be deliberate and thorough.

Sure, it can be a time consuming process if you're not used to it. But it's worth it.

You can make a go of it alone, but if you can see the benefit of bringing someone else in, we're here for you. When a specialist examines your business, your industry and beyond, and they do so un-blinkered, unbiased and unapologetically coming from outside of the box you live in, you might be amazed what they bring.

The quality of your research influences everything that follows it. Plan well, look beyond what Joe Average thinks about, and when you come ashore on the right beach, you and your business might become famous for all the right reasons.

Whatever method you choose, this is our closing encouragement: do your homework!


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