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The Shoe Crew

Shoe CrewA keen young 19 year old entrepreneur named Daniel Haddock walked into my office in 2016 to ask how much a website for his new shoe business would cost. 

He had recently been quoted an estimate of $30,000 - $40,000 to to build his online store and wanted a second opinion. I gave him my opinion on that matter too!

I made the suggestion that I could work along side him in the creation of his online store, that I could personally guide him through the process of getting it already to sell his shoes successfully. 

Within 6 weeks Daniel had built his site in shopify, learnt to photograph and photoshop his products in order for them to look great on the site and was ready to start his business.

His new shipment of shoes came in months later and he really started to get to work on making it great.

Today his online store makes regular sales (numbers omitted for privacy sake) and he enjoy running his very own business.

Congratulations Daniel, you are one of the up and coming new world entrepreneurs of Australia!

To see his great new store please go to https://www.theshoecrew.com.au/

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